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April 2018

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    The Ultimate Travel Backpack (for Fashion Girls!)

    The Ultimate Travel Backpack (for Fashion Girls!) - Grace Mattei, blogger behind lifestyle and fashion blog the Gracest, wears an Archer Brighton travel backpack around Downtown Phoenix, Arizona.

    Hey ya’ll! It’s been a minute. I’m not sure if it’s the weather getting warmer (or in the case of Phoenix, straight up HOT!), or the fact that I’ve just been a busy little bee, but time has been flying lately! However, time flying aside, I’m here now! Here, and ready to update y’all on life – and also tell you about my new ultimate travel backpack (for fashion girls, duh!).

    Ultimate Travel Backpack Products

    My favorite Archer Brighton bags: Cordova Backpack | Jake Backpack c/o Archer Brighton | Cara Backpack

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