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    The Gracest: Intro

    Grace writer of The Gracest fashion blog sitting on her bed with laptop, fashion magazines, and her Pomeranian Cous Cous.

    Hi everyone! Welcome to my first post here at the Gracest. My name is Grace (in case that wasn’t already obvious), and I am here because I am a sucker for all things style related. Cous Cous (my little puppy boy) is mostly just here to be my ultra cute accessory. 😉

    I feel like in today’s trend saturated world, it can at times be incredibly difficult to feel at all unique or establish your own personal sense of style. Because of that, I wanted to start this blog to not only challenge myself to explore fashion and my own sense of style more thoroughly (i.e. have an excuse to buy lots of clothes…sorry husband ;), but to also have a community to share these explorations with. I think that having an impeccable sense of style is great, but above all it’s most important to remain true to yourself in your choices. After all, your clothes are an exterior reflection of who you are – don’t you want them to accurately represent you? 🙂

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