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    3 Ways to Wear Sparkle for the Holidays

    Grace Mattei, writer and fashion blogger behind the Gracest blog poses in subtle sheen power suit to show how to wear sparkle for the holidays.

    Alright, so I know that it’s the end of December and the holidays are honestly almost over. But it’s been on my list to write this post since I shot these photos a few weeks ago, and I’ll be damned if I was gonna let them go to waste! (#persist) That being said, let’s talk about 3 ways to wear sparkle for the holidays! Or ya know, just any time of year. Because honestly I’d probably wear sequins every day of my life if you guys wouldn’t judge me for it. (New 2019 goal, perhaps? 😏 )

    Now I know some of y’all are extra like me, and are like – umm the only way to wear sparkle is to cover your body with it entirely. Obviously. But for those of you who are more reserved, or ya know, just normal – I’ve got you covered too girl! Scroll below for 3 different ways to wear your sparkle, and for lots of outfit links and inspo as well.

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    Christmas 2017

    Grace Mattei, blogger behind the lifestyle and fashion blog the Gracest, cozies up with her husband Daniel under the mistletoe in their home.

    Grace Mattei, blogger behind the lifestyle and fashion blog the Gracest, holds her pomeranian Cous Cous in front of their Christmas tree.I’m not sure if it’s some sort of age phenomenon, but the older I get, the faster the holiday season seems to fly by with every passing year! Maybe it’s because each year my to-do list seems to grow (leaving less time to fill my schedule with fun Christmasy activities!), or if in today’s bustling society it’s just become challenging to savor moments – but either way, the fact that Christmas has now come and gone is almost unbelievable to me.

    Grace Mattei, blogger behind the lifestyle and fashion blog the Gracest, decorates her Christmas table setting with pine cones, greenery, and gold flatware.Grace Mattei, blogger behind the lifestyle and fashion blog the Gracest, wraps Christmas gifts in Sugar Paper gift wrap.

    “Mindfulness” is something I feel like I’ve read about a lot lately – and I want to make sure that each year I’m taking the time to actually enjoy and remember the holiday season in the midst of the chaos, and not just “get through” with my endless to-do lists. I know (and fully understand) that the holidays can bring stress, busyness, and pressure – but Christmas, to me, is always one of the most joyful times of the year. I love sleeping in the living room on Christmas Eve with Daniel, and falling asleep to the soft glow of our Christmas tree. I love choosing which Christmas outfits to dress Coussie boy in (he’s racked up quite a collection by now!). I love getting in the car and hearing Christmas music on the radio. I love Christmas Eve service and singing Silent Night by candlelight at our church. I love reading the Christmas story together and reflecting on the true meaning of why we celebrate. I love it all. Read more


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